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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 10:17pm
Current mood: really upset.
Music: complete and utter silence.
Subject: i feel special.
d0ug1e06 (10:08:12 PM): hey jena
she ran away x (10:08:15 PM): hi
d0ug1e06 (10:08:17 PM): u looked nice today
she ran away x (10:08:24 PM): lol yeah.
d0ug1e06 (10:08:25 PM): i forgot to tell u
d0ug1e06 (10:08:30 PM): haha u did
she ran away x (10:08:34 PM): thanks, if youre being serious
she ran away x (10:09:09 PM): :-)
d0ug1e06 (10:10:10 PM): yeah i am being serious
she ran away x (10:10:57 PM): thanks.

that was just about the nicest thing anyones said to me in a long time. =] thanks david if you're reading this! you really made my day better.
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