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fraggle (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2003 at 9:31pm
Current mood: odd
Music: Boys of summer~the ataris
Subject: Mike skinner
Just a few moments ago I thought about how... whenever my brother goes out with his friends.... sarah (his wife) ALWAYS goes along. I don't think that's right. Just because they are married sarah thinks she has to keep a leash on him. I would let my husband or boyfriend or whatever I have go out with his friends I mean, it's outragous that well one would have to be glued to another for their own satisfaction.. that's sounded odd but anyways. I got back from band feeling upset in some way. Don't worry no need for you all to be concerned not that you ever show concern about me anyways but just thought I'd say I'm not doing this for sympathy. Just getting out I guess. The only thing I am looking forward to is Saturday and what stands in between is making me dread going through this week. I just.. I just don't want to. That's all.
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