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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2003 at 10:27pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: ... all by myself, dont wanna be, all by myself, anymore...
hey ppl that take time out of their busy day jsut to check up on my boring life... thanx. i am feeling really bad, i dont know how to describe it... its just REALLY bad. i feel like just bawling my eyes out for no reason at all, or picking up the computer and throwing it across the room untill it breaks. i feel so alone and scared and hateful. I dont know if i am feeling this way cuz i am finally realizing that i am for really living here... or if it is because i am not taking my prozac anymore. i feel really bad cuz my mom is afraid that if i get the chance i am gonna move back, and i dont know how to tell her that i really want to and that i do plan on it. it is gonna totally crush her. and i dont want to hurt her. i wish i knew what to do. i am very sorry that this is long... and i thank you for taking time out of your day for reading this... i luv you guys very much.
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