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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 9-9-2003 at 7:00pm
i think of how frustrated i've become with everything. Today just pulled my last string with band. After class I went in to tell Mr.Lerner that I was going to miss the Sept 19th gamve vs. Martin County because I am going to be going to Gainesville to meet with the music school up there... Lerner breaks out with "well, you have a commitment to the band, you made a commitment to tuesdays, thursdays and fridays" to which I responded "I understand but that was the only date that I could get a meeting with the administration and I could go up to gainesville" to which hes like "well you have to stick to your commitments" & I said "Well I also have a commitment to myself to go to COLLEGE!" to which he responds "well maybe you shouldn't pick conflicting commitments" and at that point i just kind of blew up saying "If i have to choose between band and going to college, i'm going to college" and dashed out.

Its funny... something i used to love so much has become the bane of my existence. I truly despise what this organization has become. I can honestly say that i am ashamed of meeting other band members after they have seen our show (or lack there of) ... I am co captain of this band, whatever that happens out there is a direct reflectiono n my leadership skills (or lack thereof)...

if things get worse (and i thought i'd NEVER be saying this) then chorus & Mr.Houchins aren't looking too bad...

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