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KryieKougar (profile) wrote,
on 8-30-2002 at 4:14pm
I could move on, i really could. but when i tried i felt as if i wasn't being true to my heart. right when i relized i didn't want to lose him, he left. but and still satyed close. i feel how much he loves me but sometimes i dont. when i tired to move on i felt so guilty, it just didn't feel right. there are many words that decribe the word love, but then its as if love can't be descibed. i once read "love doesn't make the world go round, but love makes it worth the ride" i agree with that. at the moment i feel like i have givin up on love, he would tell me he loves me. i have always loved him, i always will. maybe he and i weren't meant to be but my heart will always love him as much as ever. i cant go anywhere or do anything where i wont think of him. maybe thats what i deserve. i put him though so much pain and yet he stayed by my side. thats what made me love him more. i took that love for granted. how can i be true to my heart? i hear my hearts cries, so what do i do now.
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