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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 9-16-2003 at 10:38am
Subject: yay, im talking to him!!
Yah, so I'm at home right now. YEsterday when i got home from school i felt like major shit so i slept...until 8:30, then my mom woke me up and i ate a bagel and went back to sleep...until 5:30 this morning. At 5:30 I had a BAD stomach ache adn a fever, then went back to sleep.......until 10:00. so i wake up to find my brother sitting on the couhc watching TV and i was like what are you doing home? So he said "I'm sick" I hate him!!! I'm sick so he always gets away with staying home cuz Im here!!! DAMN HIM!! I really wanted to just relax, no family, do the whole "risky business" thing but he ahd to be "sick"

Anyways, i have kinda been depressed lately. I just randomly get depresed for a couple of days. I dunno. But I know i'll be better in a few days so its all good.

Im talking to him right now!! YAY! ANyways call me, anyone, when you get home from school. I might be leepin though.
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