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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 9-5-2002 at 9:05pm
Music: Dashboard Confessional - Standard Lines
for some odd reason, in the wake of todays events , I'm decided that it is necessary for me to compose a list of things that I look for in a girl. I know I'm going to get a kick in the ass for this, but... YOU know, I don't effing care.

1. She has to like me

2. She has to get along with my friends

3. She has to tell me when she's mad and actually have a logical reason for it

4. She has to come to all my shows and with me if I ask her and she can. I mean, not all the time, but you know, she has to have the want to come.

5.She has to like it when I sing songs to her, and if she thinks I suck, which I do, she'll atleast think it's cute and give me loving for it.

6. She has to be someone I can be me around, and she will like ME!!!

7.She has to be nice

8.She has to have good musical taste

9.She can't be cocky and stuck up. If she's pretty, good that she knows it, but won't rub it in your face

10. She has to be somewhat intellegent, and have a nice personallity.

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