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viking-punk (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2003 at 10:02pm
Current mood: sleepy weepy
Subject: more than it already does!
well i'm only gonna say a few things...

gina: i'm sorry for the fight & when i get over somethings i will tell you what really happened that night...i just don't want to fight...i'm sorry

danny: thanx for what you said in your journal today...if ever you need to talk even if you think i'll get mad or needs to be said & i'm here to listen

hector: I'M GONNA MISS YOU MAN :'( ...i cry now...& i'll get over it i hope...the crying i"take my while you can..."...great words to live by...i'm glad it's our song :D

joey: happy 4 months...i love you with all my heart...

to everyone else...i love you guys...for without you life would suck...

more than it already does!
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