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spud (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2002 at 9:22pm
Music: offspring - walla walla
soo. i really want to do this thing with tony, travis, and brad. that would be awesome. i need to get a job. i don't have the cash to fix up my drums like they need. i should just buy new. but that would cost me a couple grand for everything i want. there's no way. i'll be lucky to have that much cash to drop on a car, which is far more important to me. and i need the car that i dont' have yet, so i can commute to my job that i don't have yet, so i can pay for my drums that i don't have yet.

but i definitely have to check out this skelletones place. i thought it was gonna be really divy, but from the website it looked okay (thanks mle). my kind of shindig. it appeared. i'd like that. now i know where it is. i just have to hook up a ride. which shouldn't be too hard. i just have to convince addisons mom that it's a coffeehouse with live music, and we're set. so what if they're open till two. shoot. addison can't drive past 12. freaky a. hmm. maybe i'll have to figure out a new plan. bruce'll be back by then. maybe i can get him to come. that would be alright.

i wonder who all is going. it's sad that mle can't, but maybe she'll turn up after the game. i hope so. that would be cool.
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