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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2003 at 7:19pm
Current mood: Horrible
Music: I'm just a Girl | No Doubt
Subject: I'm just a GIRL, so pretty and petite..
-sniffles- Oi minna-san. I've been sick for over a week.. Everyone at school is sick which means this cold won't go away for a while. -_-; Joy. This is the first time I've been online since.. Monday? .. I've been coming straight home and taking a nap.. Of course I can't take small naps, so I wake up, eat dinner, and then it's time for an hour or two of homework.. So I've had almost no free time. Well, tomorrows Friday. Yay! .. But once again I won't have any time to myself this weekend. -sighs- I'm going straight from school tomorrow to my best friend's, Amanda, house.. And from there we are going out of town, to Cherry Creek for the weekend.. Which means a four or five hour drive. BUT, they have the Anime Network there!! ^^!! -fangirl squeal- So we'll be watching anime all night.. Then we'll be going out on the ATV's I believe.. So yeah.. Then more anime, and then home.. So I'll be back Saturday night, but hey. My weekend is pretty much planned. o.o; Anywho. Wee, having slaves is great.. x3 .. Comic-con is coming! Yay. It's the closest to an Anime Convention Las Vegas will ever get at this rate. -_-; .. -sighs- .. but me and my friends are all planning on forming a big group and going together. ^^ It's going to be so much fun. Alright. Enough ramblings from me.. -.o Now I have to try and continue to figure out how at add friends. -feels so stupid- Help would be nice. >>; .. *coughs*..
Ja mata ne minna-san, with love.


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