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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 9-23-2003 at 7:35pm
Current mood: giddy
Music: saves the day- certain tragedy
Subject: what's a Tuesday?
do you ever really look into someone's eyes? i dont mean just look, i mean really look into their eyes. its so intense its so weird. i try looking into people's eyes, i wanna know what theyre thinking sometimes. i can see why they say eyes are windows to the soul- looking directly into someone's can be so intense, i havta look away... it just makes you think about how rarely you actually LOOK at someone.... (i bet now everyone thinks im crazy and like staring at them haha o well)

today i got a D on a test and they sent me home a progress report... oops! damn history! i hate that subject!!!! grrrrr....

anyways, it was silvio's bday and since he decided not to tell anyone, i didnt have anything to give him! so i hatched a plan: i went to the school store and got him a BIG PINK PONY BALLOON! its was huge and pink and full of hearts and things. then i got like 10 other people to buy him them! it was soooo great! he walked around all day wiht this HUGE glob of floating pink ponies! hahaha HAPPY BITHDAY SILVIO!!

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