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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2003 at 5:48pm
Current mood: sad
Subject: ...this isnt good...
ok... the bad stuff first. there was a school shooting about an hour away from my house. a freshman was getting teased by peers, so he shot another freshman and he killed a senior! poor ppl :'(

now bad news about me:
1) i forgot to bring my pill to school today to take it!!! :( NOT GOOD!
2) i am on a few different meds now, and hwen i take them i start breathing fast!!! SCARY!!!!
3) i miss everybody out there (there meaning mich)
4) i dont think that troy likes me like "that" yet... <--- yes, i said yet.
5) i dont have a dress for homecomming! ERRCA!... but its ok, i still love you. i aint going to the dance anyways.
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