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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-28-2003 at 6:10pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Serve the Ego | Jewel
Subject: Mirror Mirror do you like what you see?
-yawns- Cleaning your room is boring.. And verreh tiring. xD Er, I just got IMed by one of my Club Leaders at school and she scared me. But hey.. I have to go back to school tomorrow. Noooo~! Ebil ebil school. Weekends are way too short. ._.; It's so depressing.. Oh well.. OMG! I FOUND MY INUYASHA BOXSET! ;.;It's been missing for almost 4 months. xD And it was under my bed. Yeah baby. o_o; I actually don't have anything to say.. Just that I have to watch football.. -cringes- .. I saw Underworld yesterday. I liked it more then most people did.. It was pretty good, but not as good as I thought it would be.. And I know it could have been better.. But yar.. Ooooh but their outfits kicked so much ass. And... Uhh... yeah.. ;-; I want my InuYasha movie to come. I'm hopeing it will be here tomorrow. -Hoooppeees- Okies. Enough ranting.. I'd better continue cleaning my room in a few.. o_o Our power went out earlier.. We're so cool. Hrm, I'm going to update my Site. because I can.. >>; Okies.. -shuts up.. Never knew she could get hyper on 7 Up-


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