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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 9-28-2003 at 11:29pm
Music: Getz & Gilberto
The State of the Drew-nion.

So it's been a good month and a half since I actually wrote anything in this thing, and truthfully, I have been waiting for something worthwhile to happen. Still waiting I guess. But I need to get thoughts down in writing, and of course, they need to be broadcast to the public.

School has been up-and-down so far. Actually, it's been pretty good in truth. Newspaper is rather pointless, and I dislike a lot of kids in the class, but I like writing, and Ms. Rossi is pretty legit. Ap English and Ap History are surprisingly not bad. They are my two favorite subjects, so I enjoy them, and I don't hate Ms. Schilit or Mr. Hall, shockingly. Trigonometry and Physics I flat-out hate. Both are the epitome of everything I loathe about school. I can barely stay awake in trig, and Mr. Bailey is a horrible teacher. It's nice having a class with Cary, albeit one in which we can not converse much. Physics is the only subject I've ever had in my years as a pupil that I really don't understand. It's not Mr. Perry's fault, at least I don't think.

Band is not even worth my time, in many ways. Of course, I choose to stay in the program, so it would be hypocritical of me to whine about my continued involvement in it.

Friends-wise, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, to be oh so blunt. I feel I've offended all of them somehow. Eh, that's life I guess. Some people I find annoying. Many find me annoying probably. I try to be a good guy, maybe my effort is a failing one. Some of you are much better friends to me than I am to you. A small minority of you are not as good of friends to me as I am to you. But honestly, there'a a small group of people that I truly enjoy and love, no matter what the last few weeks or months may have done to deter your feelings on this. And if you are reading this, thanks for making a period of my life that sucks for a lot of kids, well, not suck.

Let's not talk about girls. A small, small, small group at Atlantic are cute in my eyes. Almost as small as the group that find me cute (Have to have some self-deprecating moment in my entry.) My current plan of action: ignore any girls I think are attractive and tell any that think I'm attractive that I'm a pedophile. If said admirer is in fact in pedophile range, I resort to telling them I'm gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

Oh, and Lost in Translation is my favorite film of this year. That just brought such a great feeling to me, I really want to watch it again. And again.

So to recap, I am actually pretty happy as of now. My life is far from horrible, I have a group of kids that are above-average, in my eyes, that seem to not hate me. I'm in the top-50 in my class, I write for the Sun-Sentinel, and I am currently pushing 140 lbs. You like the way I move?

Drew R.

P.s. I quoted one of the new Outkast singles in my entry. Because that hasn't been done by anyone. Shazam.
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