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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 10-1-2003 at 7:09pm
Current mood: stressed
Subject: ahh my crazy life
ok well lets see what's been going on:
well, my bro got his lip pierced, wants to get plugs, and has decided to take up skateboarding (thats all cool, but is this MY brother? where did this all come from?? haha)i'm missing homecoming cuz my parents are dragging me up to visit him at college, which would be cool and all, dont get me wrong, its just that its a PARENTS night and yet theyre bringin the whole clan for four days and wont let me stay here so i can go to homecoming. ummm i have so much hw i could die, ive had to re-learn (unsuccuessfully) how to actually STUDY for a test (since i havent done that in like four years) and i have 3 tests to study for, a 4 page report due tonite (via email) and a project due tmr. on the bright side, i went shopping (which always cheers a girl up) and got "stay what you are" by saves the day (one of my all time favorite bands). last weekend was fun: a girls nite in w/ em and jackie, and then lauren and i took random snapshots at the mall. i have a four day weekend this weekend so im excited, but relatives are coming and my parents are gonna force me to spend time with them all :-/. well it mite be cool to see my 4 year old cousin, Pedro, even i dont speak the same language as him. i hear he's adorable and really precocious. but still, SAVE ME! movies anyone? haha... hmm anything else? well lets see whats going on at school: fric laughs for hours about absolutely nothing, i joined about a million clubs today, im being swamped wiht horrible work that i put off until the last moment (like im doing rite now by writing in this) and im LITERALLY FAILING HISTORY. i never eat lunch, im a total clutz, and it rains everyday. silvio insists on calling me "woman" until i havta smack him and joyce and i recite weird al songs during french class. jason and i insult each other by saying "your eye!" "your MOMS eye" etc. etc. while mrs. powell says things like, "A les- haha oops not a lesbian! i meant to say ELIZABETH! not that that's what's on my mind or anything..." we're developing in photography which is cool, but then again it makes my hands smell like gross chemicals all day (oh well). did i mention i have soo much hw tonite its not even funny? wait, what am i doing writing this if i have so much hw, you ask? well its simple, i have a horrible disorder called EXTREME PROCRASTINATION. its really intense i CANT concentrate on anything unless its due within like the next hour. im so screwed. p.s. i think i mite like this guy.. but its so hard to tell with me... i can never make up my mind about these things...
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