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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2003 at 4:30pm
Current mood: productive
Music: Dir en Grey- Filth
Subject: RANT!!: Hot Topic
Now, I love the things hot topic sells...honestly. I just don't buy from there anymore, I buy online instead because the people that visit H.T. Piss me off...

You walk in, let's say there's...oh, five people inside.

Person One: At the register, cheaply dyed black hair, piercings up the ass (And other places), way too much make up, stupid band shirt, combat boots.

Person Two: Oh- what do you know? x.x; Wearing the exact same thing as Person One....-_-; But maybe with "Emily" shoelaces on converses instead.

Gee, I'm so glad she's not dressed the same at the first girl...I might think they were comformist or something...

Person Three: Probably browing the trench coats with a scowl on his face, this guy is what I could classify as a 'Poseur Poser Insta-Goth'. Chances are, judging by the abercrombie shirt, he's trying to turn "Goth" because he thinks it's cool. Or some girl he likes dresses that way. Bastard.

Person Four: Now this, just makes me turn red with rage. This is a girl, who probably originally had brown hair but dyed it blond. Wearing faded pants straight from Aeropostle, with a studded belt from Hot Topic, then...a abercrombie shirt with the words 'Hot Hawaiian Mama' on it. ....Do I really have to say anything?

Person Five: Person Four's cute little boyfriend. He's what one would call a 'Skater' (Skater's go for the preppy chicks, I've noticed this after close observation. ^_^ ), pathetically baggy pants held up by a barely buckled studded belt with a Bam buckle. A Vans, Element, Black Label, Independent (etc.) shirt on and the customary studded wristband.

But as far as labels go...

Person One and Two: Posers
Person Three: Poseur Poser (Posing after a poser)
Person Four: Preppy Chick (Who likes Avril and Good Charlotte)
Person Five: Skater. (Probably listens to either emo or punk.)

But all in all, it's always drowned in posers and preps. So I long since stopped going there and now buy from this kickass website called Check it out. ^^;

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