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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2003 at 4:48pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Psycho'Le Cemu- Murder Death Kill
Subject: Hehe...more rants!
All on the same day! Whooo!

Todays "Observation" is on the labels one finds in highschool.

----Scene: The Commons or Cafeteria, different groups in different places...lots of loud chattering and such----

You hear a strange sound in the distance, and pass a eerie sign...Your in...The Highschool Zone....-twilight zone music plays-

Stoners: The group huddled up in a circle, muttering aimlessly amongst thsemselves. They're decked out in whatever the hell clothes they feel like, and most likely look like they just crawled out of bed, grabbed a book bag, and shuffled on out the door. (After shooting up ofcourse)

Punks and Skaters: They're not in the commons...they're outside, talking loudly and pushing each other while laughing. Half of the Punk-y-us-Skate-tor-eous clan are wearing Bam shirts, and probably all have on a studded wristband. They're rowdy, with a cute sense of humor that will make just about any one laugh, cept' the goths...they just give them a glare and the one fingered wave.

"Goths": Now, the label version of goth is stupid. They were all black, lots of peircing, love Emily The Strange. And hate the world.

Preps: Gods, this is the worse group of people you'll ever come by. Their cruel, have the IQ of a small squirrel, they were /only/ brand name and love to use the word 'gay' as an insult.

Jocks: ...-_-; Oi, the makers of the words "fairy" "Faggot" and "Cock-sucker". They well never /ever/ be seen without their goddamned varsity jacket stuck with about fifty thousand pins ALL for sports. These are mostly guys, with a sickening about of muscles.

Nerds/Outcast/Geeks: 99% are nice as hell, they make great friends. So they don't dress in what might be considered as the best fashions, but they're smarter than most social groups and love to read.

Anime Nerds: Yay! They rock! They will tell you more than you thought existed about Inu-Yasha and Initail D. They've seen so many fucking animes that it makes you feel bad.

Gamers (Not including card gamers): Wow, you've never seen Zelda and Soul Caliber lovers so pure. They'll play Halo and Final Fantasy VXXXIII untill the end of the world.
Don't ever insult them...they're in large numbers and will Kick. Your. Ass.

^_^; And that's our little journey through modern highschool!

If I offended any one...lighten up you bastard it's a joke and- Oh wait...fuck you.

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