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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 10-4-2003 at 1:09pm
Current mood: crappy
today my mom should be getting a letter in the mail from my school saying that i was disruptive in class... and then i am gonna get into trouble.

heres what happend:

on thursday in math i asked my good friend austen if i could use his math book to get started on the assignment, he said what, and then i asked him again. but in the middle of me asking again, my teacher turned around and said "austen, quit talking"
austen said that he wasnt talking... and then my teacher said "i didnt ask for your comment". i said "dont yell at austen because i was the one that was talking"... but my teacher didnt listen to me and kept yelling at austen... finally austen got sent to the office for not cooperating. i got into an argument with my teacher about how it wasnt austens fault and then he said that he didnt want to talk about it... throughout the rest of the hour there were a whole bunch of other ppl talking... so when the teacher had the class work on their assignments i asked why he picks and chooses students. he said that he doesnt and that he yelled at austen cuz he wasnt facing the front of the room earlier... and i said that he was lying cuz he was yelling at austen for talking, which he wasnt doing, i was. and anyways i got tired of my teacher changing the subject so i asked if i could leave and go into mr johnsons room, the teacher said that i couldnt. so i finished my assignment (while the freshman were talking) and sat there and said "i bet you if i start talking i will get into trouble and have to leave"... so my teacher sent me out of the room into mr johnson classroom and i was talking to him about how folz(my teacher) chooses his favorite students and how there are only a few ppl that he decides to yell at when they are talking but it is okay for the rest of the class to talk. and mr johnson agreed cuz we could hear the class talking all the way into johnsons class. so mr johnson set up an appointment for me to be able to talk to the principal the next day.

so on friday during first hour i went down to the office... and to my suprise mr folz was in there. he wrote up a stupid report about me only cuz i brought him to the principals attention. so now i am probaly getting it in the mail today. mr folz knows that my mom thinks that he is a good person cuz i told him that... so he is hoping that i get into trouble and not have anything be brought upon him.

i am so mad!!
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