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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2003 at 6:52pm
Current mood: sugar high
Music: the song sugar high that they sing in "empire records"
Subject: my four day weekend (just a little recap)
ok so thursday, get off from school, do nothing all nite but sit on my ass.... friday, wake up late enough to be late to jen's party. it was fun, lots of good italian-ish food, and crazy conversations... then i went to fric's house for a supposed movie nite which really just turned out to be me and her watching will and grace and scary movie 2 and then contemplating life for a couple hours.... then saturday, i went to the football game at schoool (this was like the first time ive actually ever showed up for one of these games, hehe)... then my uncle, his gf, and my four-year-old cousin, pedro arrived (and he hasnt left me alone since)
... then i went to meggo's partay, which was really just me being incredibly HYPERACTIVE with kellie and walking into the mens bathroom about six times... then on sunday i got mauled, chased, and pummeled by pedro (who, by the way, has blond hair, brown eyes, and only speaks portuguese-- he's soo adorable) all day long because he follows me wherever i go and i have to play with him constantly (which can get pretty annoying), then emily called me and saved me from this place: we went out and got icecream, then rented the sweetest thing and empire records, watched them while eating yummy cheesecake and drinking iced coffee, then we tried on random shit we found in her "closet" while listening to old hippie CDs, and then stayed up until six-thirty AM talking to random people in chatrooms hahaha... good times... yup, then this morning, we set the alarm for ten (to wake up) but didnt wake up until 2 pm and then we went out to mississippi sweets for lunch, followed by a visit to grateful j's where we ran into the poon's and i bought some hemp for necklaces and stuff and emily bought this huge random tiedyed wall hanging while her parents talked to the salesguy about drugs... it was lovely. then we went back to em's house where we nailed the huge tiedyed thing to her wall along wiht a bunch of other random stuff haha it was fun.... then i wnet home and pedro and i played for a couple hours and then thats pretty much where i am rite now.... someone said i had "school" tomorrow, but i have no clue what that thihng is they're talking about, so no worries... ok well thats about it, later
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