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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-9-2003 at 10:42pm
Current mood: crazy
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Today started in drama as everyday does. We blocked and ran the variety show all class. It was maaaaaad fun though. We were crazy, hasko had to watch scenes so it was just the cast doing it. then in gov't i slept while everyone reviewed and watched West Wing - i had already seen that episode. ok then in MT we talked first about how people are scared of mrs. hasko. i just laughed as everyone nervously smiled. i'm totally not afraid of hasko. then after that we talked about me and my girl and hasko told us all her casting policies. then since mrs. backes wasnt there again i didnt go to 6th hour, instead i went home and went to sleep from 2 until 5. It was niiiiiiice. i love sleeping. wow my day was so uneventful, this is gonna be a mad short entry. well after i woke up i went to MT rehearsal. i got there like 5 or 10 mins early and i went into the hall with burgos and kayla and then we were told that the warm up was starting so we walk back in and lance is there blocking us from coming in and accused us of being late and i was like nooo we weren't late we've just been in the hall and he's like nope sorry. then direnzo is like you're late and i was like no i was not late!! i got there before she did! i watched her walk in and now shes accusing me of being late!? then shes like well you werent in here when the warm up started so you're late, so lance wrote our names on a sheet of paper. oooh so scary, not a piece of paper. chris was freaking out though, he's so scared of hasko, he thinks she's gonna kill him. really i dont give a shit because i was there and its not like we missed anything. whatever it was just annoying. ok well that was about it. nothing else. tomorrow is busy, school, improv, rehearsal, HOLLY! its also vanessa's birthday. danielle also tells me that brielle doesnt like me and wouldnt date me. i just laughed, minor set back. I'm not gonna give up though because i think i can get her to like me. we'll see what happens tomorrow. brielle knows i want her. oh well.

~Shout Outs~

The Cast of "On With The Show", Danielle, Burgos, Corey, Larry, Kayla

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