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viking-punk (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2003 at 5:43pm

I am the BLUE.

I value my feeling, compassion and empathy for
people. I love to talk to people and talk
about anything and everything. I get
particular meaning from my conversations when I
can inspire and motivate people.

I am in search of meaning and significance of life.
I am very spiritual.

I value harmony. I do not like hostility, anger,
aggression and confrontation. You see, I take
everything personally. I will give many second
chances but your last chance will certainly be
your last chance. I tend to always remember
when I have been hurt by another.

At Work...

I want a boss who is fair and equal to everyone. I
believe in the team spirit because I am a team
player. I want to work at making a difference
in people's lives. I prefer a work setting
that is warm, dramatic, creative, motivating,
and personable. I like my co-workers to be
communicative, nurturing, and helpful.

In School...

I value a warm, encouraging classroom environment.
I like teachers who are approachable and will
maintain the dignity of each student in class.
I like the personal touch. I achieve best when
the instruction is warm, sympathetic,
supportive , and personable.

* I dream of love, affection, authenticity.

* I value compassion, sympathy, rapport.

* I dislike deception, hypocrisy,

My Motto is...

"To thine own self be true"

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