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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2003 at 1:09am
Current mood: content
Music: Century Plant - Camp
well today started out on a good foot. drama 2 this morning was fun. brielle went out of her way to say hi to me. the fact of the matter is that she needs me, i am her ticket to getting an 'A' in drama so i have a power over her. And i need her to accomplish my goal of getting with someone out of my league and dating someone thats not my type. so therefore we need each other. but things with her are moving along nicely, she brought me up to danielle today without danielle having to start the convo. score. also hasko is letting me teach the class all next week, i'm gonna teach them improv. I'm excited. alright well in drama 1 i had to do my 2 district monologues (Bash and Snoopy) When i did my bash one and i said the part where i'm describing me and this other guy hooking up everyone in the class was like ew what! and they all started laughing, they arent mature enough for things like that. they seemed to like the Red baron one though. I just need to work on my anunciation with the french accent. so then in MT we ran a few numbers and then got to work on individual stuff. me and jen's duet is really good, we're doing it for districts and i think we're gonna rock. so then after that holly came to visit but hasko wouldnt let us stay to see her so i went home. then before improv i went and visited holly for a few, then picked up ilana and was late for improv. improv today was ehh. it started off slow and everyone was kind of not on today but at the end it turned around and larry did this hilarious carnival man character and then gladys and corey did this HILARIOUS scene. so in the end it was good. after that i went to Godspell rehearsal and the director tells me that we're blocking. I was sooo excited! but then half the cast didnt show up so he sent us all home. damn. so i went home and waited for holly to be done with dinner and then went out with her and had an AMAZING evening. wow i miss her so much, it was SO nice to just spend an evening alone with her. ahhh. ok well now i'm home and damn exhausted. rehearsal tomorrow is canceled so i can sleep in. yay. anyone want to buy a bike? its in great shape, i'm selling it on ebay but i'll sell it to any of you and you wont have to pay S&H. here is the ebay listing for it. Click here

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Brielle, Burgos, Blum, Danielle, Gladys, Rachel, Steph Co, Nicole, Holly, Vanessa (Happy Birthday)

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