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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2003 at 12:52am
Current mood: sad
Music: The Tetris Theme
*sorrowful sigh* thats the only way that this day can be described as. i woke up at 2:30 and while i was eating breakfast at my desk i spilled orange juice all over my desk, mouse, and keyboard and had to throw my keyboard out. then i nothing happened until i went to see the Odd Couple at Spanish River. i was very impressed with them, the show was very good. Best River show i've ever seen. it had some problems but overall it was good. the drive to and from the show with jen wasnt pleasant. i really didnt want to be spending that time with her because she'd been a bitch to me for the past 2 days and i just didnt care to be with her and so i was quiet and she kept bothering me about it. well after that i went to vanessa's birthday party. yeah it wasnt the most pleasant place. everyone who hates me was there, lots of alumni. the beginning was ok, got to see stephanie bruno, i miss her. they hired a stripper and he came. joel and I had a conversation with him outside before he went in. it was ridiculous to watch. well he left and after him and the cake most people left too so it was just a smaller group of people, half of which i hate so i didnt want to be there anymore but i stayed as a favor to joey venck. holly was there but it was weird being around her and that same old group of people, brought back emotions, bad ones. i have weird jealousy issues with her and have a hard time being around her and other people. and so that started to put me in a bad mood. things got so obnoxious that at one point i walked out side and called danielle so she could keep me company. thanks a lot danielle. so then i wanted to say goodbye to holly so i took her outside to have my last few minutes with her before she leaves tomorrow morning. but shes all like i cant stay out here chad will get mad. it made me a little upset because i havent seen her in forever and wont see her again for a month and he sees her all the time and he's gonna get mad because i'm talking to her for a few mins outside alone. FUCK HIM!! i wish he would die. i never say that about people but i really mean it this time, thats how strong my hatred for him is. and it sucked cuz i didnt reallly get to say a good goodbye to holly, it was like 5 mins outside with her saying i cant stay out here cuz of chad. so then joey and i left. after i dropped him off i felt like crying, i almost pulled the car over to do it but i refrained. i pulled my car into the driveway and just put my head down on the steering wheel. i dunno why i got so emotional, i guess i just got overwhelmed with old feelings. anytime i saw any guy flirt or touch holly tonight i just got really jealous. i still think of her as mine. ugh i'm just in a shitty mood right now.

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fuck everyone

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