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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2003 at 8:48pm
Current mood: weird
Music: The Black Pearl - Pirates of the Carribean
Ok guys I have turned my woohu account into a PLUS ACCOUNT!! look at the bottom of the page where it says User Stats, it should say Latest Donation: JB1863 unless someone has donated after me. But today I donated $5 to woohu to get a plus account. I have now made it so you can not post a comment anonymously. that will get rid of those pesky morons. i can also now post polls! alright well today wasnt great. I saw Lost in Translation today. I can't decide if i liked it or not. I didnt hate it but I didnt love it. It was very artsy. It just didnt do much for me. well after that i came home had a long college discusion with my parents and then applied to Cal State Los Angeles. It was a long and obnoxious process. we'll see how that goes. ok then i did my weekly cleaning job to make some cash. ooohhhh man. i'm still in a weird mood from yesterday's party. oh everyone look at yesterdays entry, andy (the owner of woohu) commented in my journal. WOOHOOO!! haha. its cuz i gave him $5. i'm talking to jessica cleary right now, she makes me happy. i dont have much to say in this entry, today was uneventful. This week is MAD hectic, i dont have a free second any day this week. sucks.

~Shout Outs~

The Cast of Lost in Translation, Andy, Jessica Cleary

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