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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-2003 at 5:33pm
Current mood: PSYCHED
i get this thursday and friday off AGAIN!!! wahoo... i am going to rochester minnesota. its gonna be funn! :)

hey jess, i got you some stuff for christmas!
hey errca, i got you STUFF for christmas!
you all should love me!!!

i need to still by for alex, shadoe, jaeger, and my mom. then i will be done!!! wahoo...

tonight i am babysitting again... and that money is going to christmas funds... lol. i still need to find out exactly what alex was wanting. but i will call him later and find out. i hope that he isnt mad at me cuz i was supposed to call him last week and i never did. oops... he still loves me though.

everybody say hi to my mom!!! she is cool... and you all should love her! cuz i said so.

hmmmm, i found out that austen has liked me since the first day of school. i was sitting next to him in math today and we were doing our assignment....
austen:you are so pretty
me: *smile*
austen:and you have a pretty smile.
me:awww! *blush*
austen:whats the matter?
me: i am not used to ppl giving me compliments and really meaning it.
austen: well you better get used to it... cuz you have a lot more soming.
me: oh...
austen: oh??? this coming from someone that flirts with me all the time.... that i have liked since the first day of school... since the first time i saw you.
me: OMG!!! fer real??? that is so sweet...
austen: heh.
me: *silent*
austen: wats the matter?
me: nothin
austen: i know when something is the matter... hmmmm, you are worried about something.
me: heh... ya
austen: wat are you worried about?
me: a lot of things
austen: you know that you can tell me.

then i listed out a few of the tings that worry me... including likeing someone, cuz i dont wanna have a major thing for a guy cuz all they do is let you down.

guys, in my opinion, are the leading cause of depression and suicide. wat do you think?
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