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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-2003 at 11:06pm
Current mood: good
Music: Turn Back, O Man - Godspell
Ok today started into drama 2 when i taught the class improv! it was mad fun. it was a lot different from instructing my improv troupe, well obviously cuz there were more people and they're less experienced, but i handled them quite well i think. it was really fun though, i get to continue to teach next class. hasko was impressed with me. ok in drama 1 the kids did monologues while i helped them analyze them. I like all the kids in that class, they are so young and fresh. well in musical theatre the replacement music teacher came in for the first time - the forever plaid guy. we sang through our big numbers and he helped us. then during lunch i started choreographing "Ya Got Trouble" with a bunch of people. its going pretty well, since i have everything choreographed and its easy people arent annoying about it they actually listen, so hurray. alright then i went home for senior priv and my dad made me go to my moms school to get this check signed so it could be cashed so i walked into her classroom while all her little kids were there (she teaches 5th grade) they were all studying me, hahah. it was funny. well then i went back for rehearsal. rehearsal was FUN today. i had a blast, its easy since i know my character and all my lines, i dont have much work to do, it lets me concentrate more on godspell which i need to memorize my lines for. ok speaking of godspell, i went to rehearsal tonight at 6:30 and we sang for like an hour and a half. i sang my solo in Turn Back, O Man for the first time and everyone was like WOW HE'S GOOD! they were all so impressed with how i sounded. i rock. well then we did blocking for an hour...FINALLY! i was so excited to finally get to do acting. alright so then i came home and watched the Marlins vs. Cubs game. yeah i know i dont usually watch sports but i get involved when my home team is up for something. i watched the series in 97' when the Marlins won. and the marlins won tonight 8-3!! 8 runs in one inning!! MARLINS ROCK! ahhh ok so now i'm talking to jessica cleary. i always announce that i'm talking to her...dont know why. i usually am talking to her when i update and she always makes me happy. so go her. well tomorrow is gonna be a LONG ass day. its jumping from school to rehearsal to voice lesson to another rehearsal. ugh.

~Shout Outs~

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