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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-15-2003 at 10:10pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: I'd Give It All For You - Songs For A New World
Alright here goes...THIS DAY WAS MAD HECTIC!! it started with officer meeting this morning....then drama 5 where we ran the variety show with all the smaller parts and acts in it. it was really fun. then i skipped gov't because charissa and I needed to work on our duet for the show, so all during 4th hour we worked on "I'd Give It All For You" from Songs For A New World. By the end of class it sounded HOT! we worked out all the harmonies and they sound great and its just gonna be a kick ass number. but i'm mad that i missed gov't cuz we watched the west wing and it was an episode that i havent seen. alright then in musical theatre hasko was lecturing about the variety show and gladys told her to be more considerate to peoples schedules and not freak out and hasko freaked out and started crying. so then we worked on invidual stuff and i was working on my duet with jen and she was being all weird and kept saying she didnt want to do the song anymore and wouldnt tell me why, whatever i dont understand her anymore. alright so then in 6th hour my lack of sleep caught up with me so i kept dozing off while the rest of the class was reading something. then after school we had variety show rehearsal. same stuff as usual. then at 5 i had my voice lesson, we decided I'm singing "Any Dream Will Do" for my audition song, lol, i've sung that song TOO many times but thats about all i have to sing cuz locker couldnt find any songs for me. alright then i had about 10 mins before i needed to go to rehearsal so i got a bite to eat and went. tonight we sang for like an hour and a half and then we blocked for an hour. it was a good rehearsal, just tiring. Alright now i will summarize the rest of my week and weekend for everyone. tomorrow i teach drama 2 improv again, learn audition dance after school then MT rehearsal. friday i have a meeting with the company i'm doing the promotional video for at 1pm then improv at 4pm then godspell at 6:30. Saturday is godspell from 12-4 and then later that night I might be going on a date with....Jessica Cleary....woooo! i'm excited about that, i asked her on a date the other night and she said yes, so i cant wait. i love her, shes just so great! alright well then sunday is a day free...yay....goodnight

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