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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2003 at 3:43pm
Subject: I wrote this sometime in 8th grade
This one doesn't make a lot of sense, but I liked the idea.
Walking down Denzer Avenue in his red corduroy pants and plaid shirt, Kennith had his head held high. Despite the taunting and teasing he received day after day, he may have been the most confident person in all of Jessie Middle School.
As he walked, his mind buzzed with thoughts. It was the month of November and he was getting somewhat scared. His lack of knowledge, and everyones' lack of knowledge on the happenings after December gave him shivers.
Months in Kennith's world are very different from ours. A month in his time would take years to pass in our time. A year for Kennith is after all of the months have passed, like ours, except a year to him is like a century to us. There is only one year in a lifetime. After December, everyone dies. No one knows how or why, but that's the way it is said to be. It had been November for 100 years in our time. There is no November 1st or 2nd or 30th in Kennith's world. Kennith was born right at the end of November and tomorrow December begins. It is said that December is only 20 years, (our time) long. In 20 years, or at the end of life, Kennith will be alive to see it and end with it. The thought left goosebumps on his arms. He shook his head and tried to clear the cloudy feeling of deep thinking. He looked up at the sky. "So beautiful," he thought. The baby blue background with the white fluffy masses comforted him, however slightly.
As time passed, Kennith grew into a very mature man. 15 years of our time had passed in December. Everyone had begun to act a little weird because they only had 5 years left to live, Kennith guessed.

Personally, I think this story sucks.
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