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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2003 at 4:46pm
Subject: I submitted this to get it published. They said my writing was good, but not appropriate for their audience. pfft.
Let It Be

The rose slipped from her hands. It hit the floor and shattered. She shed a single tear, which splashed upon the glass and ran away in a frantic, disbelieving numbness.

Sitting in class, Janet kept a beat on her desk with the tapping of her pencil. She sighed.
“So bored,” she said, dragging out the o of so. She looked over at Dawn, her partner in crime, sidekick, comrade, roommate or otherwise known as her best friend. Dawn was carving into her desk with an inkless pen. She was concentrating, with what looked like to Janet, hatred and anger. Janet dismissed this though, figuring she was mistaken in her observation. She forced herself to pay attention to the grueling torture of “an insect’s reproductive system” until class ended.
Janet was an attractive 17-year-old girl, bearing an unusual combination of milk chocolate brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. She was slim, yet not too skinny. She had met Dawn in second grade when Dawn shared her crayons with her.
Same age as Janet, Dawn was a private girl. She had a different kind of beauty to her. Long, black hair and dark brown eyes, she had an almost exotic look to her. She liked to keep to herself and almost always preferred solitude over socialism.
Dawn and Janet joined together as they walked out of the classroom and down the hall. Janet spotted someone new, a new boy. The boy had messy brown hair that could use a trim and light brown eyes. Not overly muscular, he was average for a boy of almost 18 years of age.
“Who’s that?” she asked Dawn, eyeing him.
“I dunno, some new guy. I think his name is Scott.”
As they walked past, Janet flipped her hair and gave an innocent smile. He smiled back. The next day Janet gathered all her courage and approached him.
“Hey,” she said, quieter than she meant.
“Hey!” he replied in a loud voice.
The two conversed for a few minutes and seemed to get along great. As days progressed, they became rather close friends. After many awkward moments, Scott finally blurted out what he had been keeping inside for so long and asked Janet out. She accepted and a beautiful bond began. They dated for a few months, still as energetic about their relationship as they were the first day. Dawn was a part of their relationship in a way. The three were all very close best friends.
Participating in their daily ritual of sitting in the park at the same picnic table, they talked about the happenings of the days, how they felt or anything of the sort.
Dawn looked unusually shaken, stressed and on the verge of tears.
“Are you alright, Dawn?” Janet asked.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m just tired is all.” She spoke quickly, “I’m gonna head home, rest, ya know.” She grabbed her bag and departed to her car.
“I hope she’ll be okay,” Janet said in a worried voice after Dawn had driven away.
“She will be,” Scott smiled in a comforting way. “Now, I have something for you.” He picked from his bag, a wad of paper towel. He unwrapped it on the table. He protruded from the mess, a clear, glass rose. Janet’s breath caught in her throat. He extended his arm, holding the rose in front of her. She reached out and took it from him. She held it gently. The park was quiet.
“Thank you,” she said, but it came out a whisper. She stood up and hugged him tightly. He smiled at her in a big grin after she sat back down.
“Well, it’s getting dark and I’m getting hungry, how about you?” Scott said and stood up. “I think it’s about time for dinner. How about you go grab some food for the three of us and I’ll go to your and Dawn’s apartment to check up on Dawn?”
“Okay, sounds good. What do you want me to get?” Janet replied.
“Oh, I don’t know, surprise me.”
“Alright, I’ll see you at the apartment then.”
“Great.” The two walked to their cars and drove their separate ways.
Scott drove toward the apartment, singing along to The Beatles. When he arrived and parked, he walked inside.
“Dawn?” he yelled, walking to the living room. “Janet’s bringin’ food.” She wasn’t there so he walked to her bedroom. He paused at the door, knocked and waited. “Dawn?” He pushed open the door. He could see her outline on the bed. He quietly walked over to the side of the bed. He had to cover his mouth as not to throw up when he saw her. A gun lay in her hand. Blood everywhere. He looked away. “My GOD!” He shrieked. He then hugged her feeble, empty body. “Oh, Dawn…” Janet walked in unknowingly, holding the rose.
“Wha..?” she mouthed. Scott stood up, dropping Dawn. He had her blood smeared on his front, staining his clothes and hands.
Janet began to have labored breathing. The rose slipped from her hands. It hit the floor and shattered. She shed a single tear, which splashed upon the glass and ran away in a frantic, disbelieving numbness.
Then Scott knew what she was thinking. “No!” he yelled and ran after her.
She already had a head start and was getting in her car. She had it started when he ran up to her window.
“Janet, stop!”
She looked at him with red eyes. She shook her head, let out a strained sob and drove away.
He jumped in his car and drove after her. His Beatles CD had started again. He gained on her and got right up behind the car.
She sped up.
He sped up.
They began to accelerate to incredible speeds, faster and faster.
Janet’s mind was spinning. The image of her dead best friend in her boyfriend’s arms swarmed inside her head. “How could he kill her?” she thought. The streets were blurred. Suddenly she came to an intersection. A car appeared in front of her and she stepped hard on the brake. The wheels screeched and she braced herself for the impact. Closer she came to the car, so scared she was shaking rapidly and then they hit. Immense pain coursed through her entire body and her screams were cut off by the hand of death.
Scott had tried to stop, but failed, smashing into Janet with incredible momentum. He heard such loud noise and was flung forward in his seat, hitting his windshield and blacking out. Moments later he opened his eyes and focused on the steering wheel. He felt blood run down his face and felt excruciating, indescribable pain. Flinching, he crawled out the window of his car. He dragged himself to Janet’s driver’s side door. Looking inside he again had to cover his mouth. He let himself go and fell upon the hard pavement. He stared up at the black sky, street lamps gleaming in the corners of his eyes. He wept. His sight began to blur to blackness and he too became a soulless body, no longer among the living. The last thing he heard as he drifted away was The Beatles, singing a closing for him.

“And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer. Let it be.”
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