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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2003 at 2:08am
Current mood: lonely
Music: By My Side - Godspell
Today sucked. Just now looking back on the day I realize that it wasnt a good day. I got up this morning and went over to the Center For Group Counceling because I'm doing a commercial for them, so we did a dry run on camera of the commercial with me and this other man. It was alright. then after that i did nothing until improv rehearsal. Heres the story on that. I go to the amphitheatre and wait for a little while and then larry shows up so then we're waiting and then gladys shows up. so its the three of us and now its like 4:10 (everyone is supposed to be there at 4) so i start calling people, i called Jessica Butzer - she was in orlando and forgot to tell me she wasnt coming, then i called jen - no answer, then i called dave - he was also in orlando and forgot to tell me, then i called jen back - she thought since there was no school then there was no improv (even though i said the week before that we have rehearsal EVERY friday unless i say otherwise) and she couldnt come because she was busy doing something else, then larry called corey and he was on his way to pick up ilana, and ilana lives kind of far from the amphitheatre and he wasnt even at her house yet. he probably wouldnt of even gotten there by 4:30. so i called the rehearsal off. i'm fed up with this shit. these people have no dedication to this troupe, i have had a million talks with them and keep telling them to be there every week and if they cant come then they need to tell me before hand so i know. but they just keep pulling this bullshit. they need to shape up or i'm quitting, i'm not gonna waste my time with this, i have SO many other things going on in my life that i dont need to be sitting and waiting for all of them. alright well after that i went home and ate then went to godspell rehearsal. it was fun tonight, we did blocking the whole time. it was just really fun tonight. so then afterwards i went home. i was supposed to go to this party at emily's house but i just didnt feel like seeing those people tonight, so i just stayed in and did i wasnt in the greatest mood. i'm just falling into a rut because i dont have a social life anymore. all my life consists of is theatre - in school and out of school. i dont ever do anything else. and on the weekends, when i have free time at night the people i hang out with are drama people, not that i dont love them but i see them EVERY day. i want to hang out with some people that i dont see everyday, some new faces, people that arent involved in all the drama shit. whatever, maybe tomorrow will be better. rehearsal from 12-4.

~Shout Outs~

Larry, Gladys, Cast of Godspell

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