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courtney13 (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2003 at 6:04pm
Current mood: hangover-ish
Music: Stupid girl
yeah, me and jenny went to a party with all my friends from tri-county and i got drunk and Jenny and my friend Chad were sittin in a chair and i charged at them and we all fell over and i broke a leg on the chiar..Then my friend Seths mom came over to the party and a hle buncha drunk wiggars were startin shit with her and her boyfriend and some guy punched her in the face and then a she got 2 of the wiggars in head locks and punched them in there faces and all this.. the cops were called so me and this girl angie ran back to seths house.. and then after that angie drove us to Jons house and then at 6 in the morning Larry, who also had a hangover, drove us home..WHAT A NIGHT!
Go ahead people who are against drinking. bitch at me..whatever..the people who bitch are the ones who never done it b 4 and had the feeling.. not a great feelin in the morning but its still fun, and you KNOW what your doing!
well byes byes.. Ilove YOU neilee!
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