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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2003 at 1:25am
Current mood: confused
Music: Crazy Town - Butterfly
Alright so today started with Godspell rehearsal at 12 noon. it was cut short today and we ended at 2:30. we did a bunch of blocking today, we are almost finished blocking act 1. gary told us that we need to be off book for what we have so far by wednesday. WHAT? theres no way i can memorize all those lines by then, thats just nuts. so i came home and just sat around for a while because there really wasnt anything to do. so then around 7:45ish Jessica Cleary calls me. tonight was our night to go out. so we decided to go mini golfing. i was so nervous though cuz i wanted things to go well and i want her to like me. so i pick her up and we talk in the car, we never have a problem finding conversation which is great cuz there is never any akward silences. so we went golfing and i totally played the best game of my life. i got 2 hole in ones and just totally owned the game. jess calls me "Tiger" now cuz of Tiger Woods. haha. well after that we drove around for a few mins till we decided to go back to her house and we watched the end of Dumb and Dumber and Orange County. great movies. then after that we talked for a while, then her parents came home and i got to meet them. really nice people. so then i went home. it was a great night, it was just so nice. and i'm really starting to like jessica a lot. shes just so much fun to be around and shes so easy to talk to. hopefully she feels the same way about me and we can actually go out and stuff and not have a repeat of 6th grade. i dont know, we'll see how things progress.

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