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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2003 at 10:26pm
Current mood: melancholy
Subject: Good bye
This will be my final entry in my journal. This journal has run for a glorious 6 months and 6 days but alas everything must come to an end. This journal has helped me through rough times and not so rough times. Its been my emotional crutch for a while but recently people have just been using it against me. They've taken the fun out of writing in my journal. People use things that i've said in my journal against me all the time and so i'm not going to allow that anymore. I dont feel like i can be open in this anymore without being approached about everything i've said the next morning. This isnt the main reason i'm ending this journal though, the real reason is that I just dont want everyone to know how i feel anymore. I dont feel comfortable with everyone knowing whats going on with me. This journal has become like an evil tabloid for me. People will take things i write in the wrong way then exaggerate them and tell other people. Its ridiculous. But I must say that I'm amazed at the trend i've set with the journal world, rock on guys. Just remember me as the journal king. Of course I'll still have my woohu account (I actually have 2 accounts) so i'll still be reading others journals and commenting. I now keep a private journal with my second woohu account that nobody reads, its just so i can vent. Well good bye everyone and keep on journaling!
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