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whitenailpolish (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2003 at 7:12pm
Music: Taking Back Sunday
Subject: Tbssss
yay I found my cd.
"cooloroonee. Come one tito say it with me! Coo-lo-roo-nayy"

I need some eye liner.
I neeeeddd to buy the new SoCo cd. It is a must. They are on Jimmy Kimmel tonightttt. Yeee. I missed TBS though =\.. that was a while back. damn having to get up for school =|

the PSAT was today. I missed english colorguard and spanish. I absolutely needed to go to englishhh. And I have to miss it tomorrow too for gay colorguard pictures. I got in a fight tonight with my mother over those damn things. I told her that I can't take them because I need to go to English, but she said just take them. I said I have too much work in there and she said that she would E-mail Ms Alston to ask her if she could make sure that I would be the first one to get my pics taken so I wouldn't miss that much. usuhaeghioegr! I swear she thinks I'm 5 or something.. she always wants to email my teachers for every problem I tell her about =| Oh fucking well.
Saturday morning I have a Band Competition at Garces. Yay! I get to be embarrassed again because we suck so bad! I just want to know why we don't do a field show instead of just going around the track. But hey, what can ya do. Then in the afternoon I get my brand spanking new bed. sheeyeah. I'm excited. Thennn at night Hailey and I are going to the cornfield maze if she can. Britney and Lindsay might go too if they can.
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