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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2003 at 7:30pm
Current mood: creative
Music: Miyavi-POP is dead
Subject: I love you babbbby, I need you babbbbby, I need you baby. Is it a pop'n'rolll? -from the song-
I felt the oddest need to post a conversation I had with Luke...I found it amusing and refreshing. XD

SatiricalxLove: -reads notice-....-twitches and attempts to remove himself from your pocket- ...O_O; -stuck-
Luke: O___O.....-removes pockets, places in washer, adds bleach, hums requim funeral song- U__U he was noticed
SatiricalxLove: ...-dead- -comes back to life, glare, sulk, sob, un loved - e.e
Luke: O_O -clings to, attatches to, luvs- ^_^
SatiricalxLove: x__x You don't love me anymore! That's it, the weddings off. -firm nod-
Luke: T__T I was
Luke: -sobs-
SatiricalxLove: -pat pat- There there...You can keep the 25 cent ring. ^^
Luke: E.e no, it has too many memories
SatiricalxLove: -hug,cling- Nevermind, I want you baaaack....-pathetic, distressed well practiced look-
SatiricalxLove: e___e
Luke: E__E I dont know if thats possible. >_< I mean the children just got over it and are adjusted...its...too soon
SatiricalxLove: B-b-but...-sobs- I can't live without you! And-....Children? We had children? O_o;; Why was I not aware of this?
Luke: O.O /what/ children? You...what...wait...T__T their not mine?
Luke: -sob, squeal, throb-
SatiricalxLove: Nooo! Ofcourse they were! I think...possibly. O_O Wait, was I drunk? -ponder,confused- -still clinging to your leg-
Luke: O__O -begins dragging self with weight impaired leg of clung to. Makes dragging skid mark trail as a desperate flee towards a airplane is held-

Yeah, we know we're strange XD.


PS: Comment, you un-feeling j-j-jerk! -emotional breakdown-
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