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Kate (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2003 at 9:03pm
Current mood: Dreading 10 o' clock
Music: Eve 6 - Think Twice
Subject: An actual Update.
I've been doing horrible with keeping up with this updating business. Oh well. It's not all that important anyway. So lately... what has been up with me...
Well, I've gone to school.. and the movies a couple o' times. School is pretty boring and I'm having trouble in Biology, but otherwise I think I'm doing good in my other classes. My algebra grade went from A- to A because I'm actually starting to understand this stuff. knock on wood..
I went to The Haunt with Joe, Stephanie, Jake (Shain,) and Mike (Velting,) on Monday. It was really cool. Stephanie jumped quite a bit. I didn't get too scared, but it was still good. It got done earlier than we thought, we got there at 7, it ended at 7:30, and I didn't have to go home until 10. That was fun. Should happen again sometime.
So what else? Hmm.. I got kicked out of Justin's locker on Monday, but that's okay. I'm in Joe's locker now, which is great. I should've moved a long time ago.
I think that's about all I have to say. So, I'll update again sometime... probably 10 days or so from now, heh.

"I'd rather die, than hear goodbye, and watch you go." -Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Cold Light
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