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liljilly07 (profile) wrote,
on 10-23-2003 at 11:43pm
Current mood: depressed
Subject: opps!!
Okay im not writtin alot cuz i jus wanna go in my room n sit there and cry rite now!!

But wat happened was...dat member dat one promise dat i made you britt...dat one bout how i'd try and not c** m***** as you put it, ya know? well opps im really really srry! I really really really really didnt mean to! And im soooo srry i cant even begin to say how many times im srry! Plz dont be mad at me! Im really srry!

141 days is good tho wouldnt u say?

Britt u mean everyhting to me and im srry!

If i could change it i would but i cant! Ill jus have to try again! All fo you! Everything is fo you! I breath fo you, i cry fo you, i smile fo you, i laugh fo you, i wake up everyday fo you, i live fo you! I luv you!!

BritterZ ~N~ JillerZ BBFAA!! I wub yew!

Plz dont be mad at me i wub you!

Love alwyas,
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