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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2003 at 11:42pm
Jenny laid in her bed, staring at the white ceiling. Her eyes slowly glanced over each crack, hole, and paint chipping. Pink Floyd was playing softly and she had some rose incense burning. It was soothing. She lay in serenity, not really there. It was a natural high for her. A few minutes later, the CD ended and she sat up on her bed. She picked her guitar up off the stand next to her bed. It was an acoustic Alvarez. Not the most popular, high-quality brand, but she loved it nonetheless.
Strumming a few chords, she started the intro to her favorite Smashing Pumpkins song, "In The Arms of Sleep". Her long brown hair fell off her shoulder and hung in front of her face. She pushed it behind her ear as the many bracelets clinked together on her wrist.
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