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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2003 at 10:35pm
Current mood: down...
Music: bottom of the bottle - smile empty soul
Subject: nothing that important...
i am feeling down cuz i think that someone is spying into my life by sneeking into my buisness. i hate it when ppl do that... they obviously dont trust me... but hey, i am used to that.

to the persin getting on my journal and pretending that you arent :
you wanna know what... i am not as bad as a person as ppl *cough cough... my dad* tells you that i am... i dont lie as much as he says. yes, i have done some things that arent that great but its not like i am gonna get up and do them again... and when you hold those things against me, it pisses me off!!! you dont have to sneek around the way that you are doing... its just turning me more against you... and i dont wanna be mad at you... ok... just go back to being a role model... and i will continue to be your daughter. ok
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