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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 10-26-2003 at 1:38pm
Current mood: frustrated
Music: Cauterized "My Everything"
Subject: stupid car!
Well now. Life starts going alright and something *of course* happens. Sammie called me last night and invited me to a movie. So I went and picked her up and got to talk to her brother for a bit. He's real strange, but in a good way. lol. Then I went back home to my lil gimpy puppy. Bubbles got trampled by Giggles. *rolls eyes* Then we went and seen Texas Chainsaw. That movie is fricken sweet! Then we went to Burger King and seen Ryan King there and bugged him for a lil bit. Then we went for a lil joyride. We drove down Richie and all of a damn sudden there was a major fog. Like I could barely see driving. It was scary right after the movie. After that we took her home and she asked her mom if she could spend the night and she finally agreed. So I had to stick around for a lil cause her friend came by so I talked to Devin for a lil while again. Then we stoped by work and she got some food. Then we went home and chatted for a while. This morning we watched a movie and James actually called :) yay before he went to his sister's. Then I went to take Sammie home and on my way back, my clutch ended up going out... right at the intersection of 17 and white creek. I was so..... wow. Pissed and upset. Luckily Devin and Marley had to go somewhere so they were like right behind me. So they tried to help me and then my uncle and dad came by. Nothing worked so we had to have it towed to bassets. *shakes head* There goes $40 of my money. Not to mention I have a field trip that $25 went to.... that I most likely won't be able to go on. See my dad is leaving for maine tonight, so if my mom's car worked I'd be fine. But they just put $450 into it not to long ago and it still doesn't work. Something about the transmission. So mom gets dad's car till he gets back... I have nothing. Also if the car costs to much to be repaired, I'll prly get a loan and find a new used car plus car insurance. so my life is a hassel right now. I hate it. *gah!* I have such a headache right now. My life is like throwing things in my face that I can't handle. I barly have a grip on things right now. Things are tough a lil between me and james even tho I do love him dearly. But this stuff with the car.. and my puppy being hurt last night. I was like no fricken way. I was like crying eailer cause things just aren't going good. *sighs* and I have no one to really talk to right now. I just like need a hug. Like.... totally need a hug. Oh well. I have to go get ready for work soon...... :( maybe a friend or something is working or will show up and say hi... but I doubt it. anyways! ADIOS!
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