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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 10-26-2003 at 6:29pm
Subject: this weekend was GRANDE x a bagillion!

Homecoming game vs. Dwyer. we lost. great.
we marched better on Friday then we'd ever & we got a pseudo drum war!!
Greg stayed over <3

* got to school around 1.. loved seeing everyone run around, cleaning instruments, getting uniforms.. quite refreshing
* senior speeches... made me remember how much I really do love that crazy dysfunctional organization. A lot of people said that my speech was really good and it really touched me when a lot of people who I didn't know too well came up and just gave me a hug telling me "it was a pleasure marching with you" or "i liked your speech the best"... i can't believe its almost over...
* got to FBA @ Sanataluces and warmed up... we marched out to the waiting area and what do you know, it starts raining sooo the woodwinds run for cover under the concession stand overhang and we wait. It lightens up so we went back out. Marched out and started our show. Once we started playing our first notes, the rain just started pouring down... thankfully after our first song it kind of lightened up. Our performance wasn't as good as it had been the night before but thinking optimistically as we ALWAYS do ::sarcasm:: we just figured it was the festival we wouldn't forget :0P
Finished marching and ran for cover. no pictures :0(. Mr. Lerner got the results.

we got a SUPERIOR! as he announced it I just burst into tears, I don't know if I had ever been happier in my life.. it was such a good feeling... a superior for something i'd worked so hard at and something I definately wasn't expecting. We got through it, Atlantic Community high school band is on its way back to the great band it used to be. Great goodbye present :0)

* afterward we left and Gregory picked me up and we went out for his bday dinner @ Dean Anthonys (great fettucini!!) it was nice.
* Gregory carved me a pumpkin. i love it (almost as much as i love him :0))
* picked up the boys & Cyndi from Ericas house... I said fuck in front of her mom (twice!) POOR.

* woke up early and went to church with Gregory & his padres.
* realized how much Catholic church really sucks in comparison to other denominations.
* hung out with my lovey all day and now hes gone :0(
::sigh:: i really do love him sooooo much... 5 months in a week!

TOK essay due tomorrow... i haven't started. go me. oh yeah. i heard homecoming was fun but i wouldn't have given up my weekend for anything.
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