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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2002 at 12:21am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!!!!!!!!!! you're wonderful and now my secret lover :0) i hope all of your plans work out <3

Quote of the day: " Wow I have this image of Kevin with tits..." ~ AJ "aka" ORF

That quote was classic.. we were at Bostons on the beach today before the game and it was lots of band kids. Some reason I started talking bout Amanda (Kev's sister) and AJ asked if she was pretty, I responded with yeah, shes cute and has big boobs to which i later added that she kinda looked like Kevin to which AJ responded with that wonderful quote. Good times.

The game was okay. 35-0 I think.. Boynton High, no big deal.. knew we'd win that one. Their band is kinda sad but then again who am I to talk... yeah.

Speaking of band I'm going to be slaving tomorrow from 8-12am on the football field probably in scorching heat. Fun.

Things have been really weird lately.... with ALL the "guy" situations.. I don't know.

History test - 89 on test & 73 on DBQ... despite my crappy DBQ score I still have a B ;) gooooo Vivi! Biology's the next challenge.. i need a REALLY damn good grade.. i'm sooooo screwed :0( Screw school.

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