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hitokirivader (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2003 at 8:30pm
Current mood: recumbent
Music: Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
Subject: The limitless extent of inherently limited human potential
Some of the greatest advancements in innovation, technology, and even how people carry their everyday lives are credited to the substantial efforts of few among many. Often what I feel is that of these many people, those who gaze upon the vast achievements of mankind with a sense of personal pride fail to realize how dependent this system of upward expansion is on the work of the exceptional. In other words, human development relies on unexpected brilliance. These are the men and women to are remembered for leading the human race into the future.

And what of the billions of other people living their lives in the pursuit of happiness or perhaps the fight for survival? Inevitably, they are forgotten; mankind only gives heed to recognize those of accomplishment. However, I am a firm believer in that nothing truly lasts forever. In the great expanse of eons of time, even the greatest of men will be lost to the oblivion of the universe. Perhaps they will fade from memory or perhaps from written record... or perhaps their ultimate disappearance will lie in the end of mankind. There are those who fight to avoid this bleak fate and live their lives to be remembered. It is our obligation to give credit to these people for creating our world and advancing the reaches of humanity.

Perhaps I am wrong and mankind will never die, advancing faster than the universe will fight to destroy him. It's pointless to speculate over an ultimate fate we will never live to see, but for the sake of the possibility of limitless human potential, we should never stop moving forward, and perhaps future generations will appreciate what we've done for them. Or rather I should say... what some of us have done for them. I think that was my original point, right?

Whatever. Hehe. Shit happens.
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