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hitokirivader (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2003 at 1:47pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Sugarcult - Bouncing off the Walls
Subject: Cracked open the ol' 2003 yearbook...
Aside from the completely wrong index and my not being listed as either pictured or not pictured (although I am quoted among the picture pages and pictured at the bottom of the not pictured page), it was pretty interesting to read what people had to say to me as I headed off to college, perhaps never to see any of these people again. Let's take a look at some excerpts:

"Bryan Leeeeeeeeeeee" -Mike Miller (btw, that was all he wrote)
"You can't wear high heels at graduation. I'm sorry." -Ryan Cech (damn)
"If you ever need a manwhore sex slave, I'm here for you." -Bill Sauer (thanks Bill)
"Remember Algebra? And Nick K? And spit puddles? And Mr. K? And Pokémon?!? Ahh, good times in 8th grade." -Cassi Murakami (ah, memories)
"It was funny seeing you finish last on all the tests and stuff." -Paul Chung
"Man what's with all the crazy English teachers? I mean Beckham, Jolliffe, and Webb?" -Liz Oh (note how Smith is left out)
"Frolick and play the violin." -Bryan Ju
"I'll always remember my STAB as the guy who is obsessed with grammar." -Brie Simon
"Sorry for bugging you so much in class, but I can't stand Koreans." -John Kim
"You are a cool guy, Bryan. I'd even say you are as cool as TESB itself." -Brittany Asaro (I'm flattered)
"One day I want you to count how many letters are on this page." -Sam Adams (someday, Sam...)
"Alright, let's get to work. I've got a lot to write and I have so little room to do it. (Not to mention I have to outdo my brother)" -Tim Adams (well, you succeeded)

# of misspellings of my name: 10
# of references to my being Asian, Korean, or SLAB: 17
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