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truecolors (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2003 at 9:02pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl
Subject: Work
Work is crappy, but it is so much fun when Gerin is working with me. We just talked about stupid stuff all night and she wants to hang out and watch this movie. I didnt like her when she first started, but I have so much fun with her. We just screw around when we arent busy. We are engaged lol. I let her wear my class ring today cause she wanted to wear it lol. We are nuts. My boss was like I want to come on the honeymoon and watch but he said i have to be 18 first so we got a year and a half to wait lol. We were just messing around, I dont want anyone to think im really a lesbian. It was a pretty fun night though and I work with her tomorrow and all next week that I work. Well that was about the exciting part of my day because I didnt do anything else. So I guess ill go watch a movie or something.
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