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ad0rablebaby (profile) wrote,
on 11-12-2003 at 7:35pm
Subject: 1st one is me and chelsea 2nd one is me and jess
LilShortti: hugging is fun
Ad0rable Baby05: oh yeah ... especially since you have thickness
LilShortti: and cuss of ur rack
Ad0rable Baby05: thats funny
LilShortti: i could serously uss it as a cup holder
Ad0rable Baby05: haha they arent THAT big
LilShortti: bigger than mine

Ad0rable Baby05: guess who is mad at you
J Dubb 390: who?
Ad0rable Baby05: my left ear is mad again
Ad0rable Baby05: he said youre neglectin him
J Dubb 390: WHAT
J Dubb 390: but too bad i love ur right ear
Ad0rable Baby05: my right ear said he loves you
Ad0rable Baby05: but lefty is mad
J Dubb 390: aww eat me lefty i hate u
Ad0rable Baby05: lefty said hell no but righty said he'll eat you
J Dubb 390: haha
Ad0rable Baby05: he said do you wanna fuck..??
J Dubb 390: no
Ad0rable Baby05: ok :'(
Ad0rable Baby05: he said fine whatever have fun with righty
J Dubb 390: lol okay
J Dubb 390: omg just imagine fuckin an ear seriously lol
Ad0rable Baby05: lol!! thats so funny!!!
Ad0rable Baby05: righty said he likes your ghetto ass

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