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hitokirivader (profile) wrote,
on 11-14-2003 at 12:22am
Current mood: refreshed
Music: Hole - Celebrity Skin
Subject: Today, I am 6,626 days old.
I haven't actually written anything in a while, so here's a little story:
My Aikido instructor came to class with his left big toe all bandaged up. So naturally we asked him, what happened to his toe. So then he told us that he was at Ralphs and some lady ran over his toe with her shopping cart, splitting it open down the middle, immediately bleeding profusely. Hurt like a bitch I'm sure. So then he blew up and yelled at the lady, who then yelled back with no remorse for what she had done, cussing him out. He promptly kicked over her cart. Security arrived and escorted him out.
Hehe, silly sensei.

Speaking of Aikido, we did this one exercise where we got in groups of four. A traffic cone was placed in the middle of the room. One from each group had to protect this cone from the other three, who were either ganging up on the one dude or just going for the cone. No one really succeeded, but it was fun trying.
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