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hitokirivader (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2003 at 6:34pm
Current mood: content
Music: Nelly featuring City Spud Ride Wit Me
Subject: Time cannot be killed... IT WAS MURDERED!
Master and Commander and Elf were sold out because I didn't feel like using Fandango. So I was a mallrat today. Ran into Danielle, who I've not seen since graduation. She's attending a photography college. Ooo, photography. Saw Carreras working his butt off at Panda. So many damn people in line. Oh, and Joanne Hwang and Michelle Demidow were at Grand Palace. Anyways, that was my boring running-into-ppl day. Tomorrow I'm goin to a play, "Garcia Lorca." I hope it's as good as "The Laramie Project" was.

w00t! Second week of August next year, goin to Oahu with Evelyn Kim's family. That's so far away though, and I already miss Hawaii. But anyone who knows me knows that I am the master at killing time. :)
Well, off to Olive Garden in a few min; I'm out.
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