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Tabletop (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2003 at 9:25pm
Subject: god damn it.
Here's why all religions should be outlawed, and all deeply-religious people should be rounded up and put into death camps. Wait, did I say death camps? I meant happy camps!

Members of a Tennessee religious group were hoping for a miracle at a teenage member's funeral. They called on God to raise 15-year-old Jessica Crank from the dead at her funeral Wednesday. Jessica died Sunday at her home from a rare form of bone cancer.

The girl was a nut, raised by nuts, as part of an organized system of nuts. She had a form of bone cancer, had a tumor the size of a basketball on her shoulder when her parents finally took her to a clinic. They were urged to get her medical treatment, they refused, and she died at home, no doubt after suffering in agony for years. Not only did they kill her through neglect, they actually thought she would rise from the dead if they asked God really nicely. Given that He'd refused to cure her cancer, you might have thought they'd take that as a hint.

Her mother and the man who heads the New Life Ministries religious group are facing child abuse and neglect charges in the case.

Adults are allowed to let themselves die in service of their delusions. Adults are not allowed to murder their children by refusing them medical care in service of their delusions. I hope they sterilize and lobotomize the whole church, and ship their children across the country to re-education camps where they can have their impressionable minds purged of the divine rot implanted by their insane parents, which would at least give them a chance to grow up to become useful and functional members of society.

All of which is about as likely to happen as the girl returning from the dead. So let us pray...

I don't actually advocate the criminalizing of all religion, or the lobotomization of all the faithful*, by the way. That was an example of comedic license and sarcastic exaggeration. It won't happen again.

On the lighter side, how the hell do you suppose she wore clothing with that thing on her arm? Article says they had an open casket. So was she in there, with this second head-sized thing pushing up on one side? Or did they puncture it, or saw it off so she'd look pretty in her dress, and therefore look pretty in heaven?

*Just the devout ones.

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