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mannlyguy (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2002 at 3:04pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Metallica-Slither
Finally the end has come. Band is done for the marching season and for me it's the last of it for the rest of my life...well marching at least. I think that I want to come back next year and help out. For those of you who have came back and helped is it worth it? We still have to shit because damn football team is in the play-offs so we will have to go to those damn games if they are close enough to Cedar. Anyways on a happier note I'm very happy with the way that life is going for me at the moment. I know that someone of you out there have asked me why I always sound pissed off when I'm writing in my journal and to tell the truth I don't know why I do. I just let my words go and whatever comes out is what you read. I guess that it's kinda flattering that there are people out there that actually read this stuff that I write down and then actually say something about it. I guess that's not very flattering because that's what this site is all about anyways but hey I can feel any way that I want so it's all good.

I'm proud of myself I already have my christmas shopping done for Laura. It's all done and will be arriving here at my house in a while. So I'm happy that I'm that far ahead because usually it's like December 15 before I start thinking about shopping for christmas presents. Well to me it seems like I'm just rambling on so I am going to leave you with this quote that I thought up all by myself yesterday on the way back from Jenison....."Working as one in numbers results in accomplishments in numbers."
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